Friday, 1 June 2007

Recent Activities...

We know we haven't updated the blog for ages due to vast amounts of work but fear not we haven't been completely anti-social.

We went to Don's (Giovanni's of course) and he gave us a slap up meal and sent us on our way. We then paid a visit to AMC to view the new motion picture 28 weeks later which we hoped would scare us stupid but did nothing of the sort. Pants.

A new week followed with many more activities, food, theatre and mummifying oranges.

Yes mummifying oranges, you heard us right - its all the rage in Manchester at the moment, using ancient Egyptian techniques involving table salt and PVA glue we saved an orange for future generations. We're hoping our oranges made it to mummy heaven.

Our theatre experience involved a student production of Macbeth which was quite 'adult' and very entertaining - especially when Banquo kept forgetting his lines and the tree's moved with the aid of clothes hangers!!!

Last Friday we went for a curry with Marijn and Rudd in Rusholme. We tried a new place which we highly recommend - Shahenshah. We loved the poppadoms and the Asian tea brewed specially for us, only after Zar gave them a knowing wink! The company with us that night was a real mix of nationalities.

Our brains are not quite in gear so we understand this post probably makes no sense at all but its a Friday afternoon so you will have to excuse us. This weekend see's the arrival of a dear dear friend of Zarista's and hopefully also Lupita's in time. Look out Manchester.

The Zarfoot.

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Last night we attended a student production of Fear and Loathing.. which was experimental to say the least. We knew we were in for an interesting night when, as we were queuing up at the entrance, the cast, dressed like hippies on acid, burst out the doors and proceeded to rough us up a little and destroy our tickets (and possibly the concept of conventional theatre). They then spent the next 2 hours screaming at us, throwing Las Vegas gambling chips at us and subjecting us to the heady aroma of marijuana joss sticks. Needless to say it was our kind of night. The only downside was leaving the theatre slightly disorientated (and may be a little high on inscense).

Bring on the next student production!

Thank you Marijn and Ruud!

The Zarfoot recently took a trip to Holland to visit our good friend Marijn. We had a fantastic time and would like to say a huge Thank You to them both for taking time off to show us around Amsterdam and their hometown. And also for their generous hospitality, which included many cream cakes, beers and appelsaps!!


Pictures of the Zarfoot's adventures to follow...

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Just for Ruth...

As Ruth went off on her travels she left me with a present, a present which would require skill, care, lots of attention and most importantly-Love. That present was a bonsai.

After a shaky start, involving well I guess some would call it death, the bonsai has made a remarkable recovery and in all its glory here it is for the world to see:

Just look at that new shoot, reaching out, showing us what's made of!

Shame it has to be 'pruned' really...


Farewell fellow DVC members

2007 has been very tragic for Zarfoot. During the last couple of months we have lost 3 of our favourite DVC members (the only 3!). Ruth departed in January to travel the globe. The Netster couldnt get far enough away from us and left for New Zealand, and Dominic the resident philospher was cruelly cast out into the cold, wet mancunian streets.

We are devasted by our loss.....


Oh well, out with the old...

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Our Vision

Welcome to the Lightfoot and Zarin blog, after much thought (well one lunch time) we decided that now is the time. Most of our fellow friends are off travelling the world so we thought we would keep them abreast with what is happening in our lives.

Ruth is currently travelling the world and her blog can be found at:

Annette leaves on Friday for New Zealand, follow her journey at:

These may be much more exciting than ours so feel free to discard ours and jump straight to the good bits. Anyway the world of work is calling so 'bye for now'.

The Zarfoot